Welcome on Love from Mars! 


On this website you can find my art from the heart! My name is Shirit Mars and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love drawing since I was a child and I have been drawing on and off all of my life. After I left my job in 2018 I realized that drawing is my real happiness in life. So I decided to follow my heart and started Love from Mars illustrations! 


I've created the heart drawing because I believe that we are all love and interconnected.  I like to make simple, positive, joyful art that inspires and put a smile on your face. 


Take a look at my shop, where you can find some of my illustrations on postcards and totebags. If you would like to receive any other of my illustrations on postcard or print send me a message! I also make drawings on request. Contact me for more info! 


For my latest work you can go to my instagram account or to my facebook page. Hope to see you there!